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February 10, 2006



1. The New/Interpol
2. H0t 53at can't sit d0wn/Brainianc
3. Stinging Velvet/Neko Case
4. Are You A Hypnotist??/Flaming Lips
5. Tropical-Iceland/Fiery Furnaces
6. Suburban Empty Movie Theater/Migala
7. Death Letter/White Stripes
8. Lizavetta/the Constantines
9. Easy Hearts/Whiskeytown
10. Rose/Menonmena

ben wolfson

Avram & Dumitrescu - Ikarus II for String Quartet and Tape (Ana-Maria Avram)
Mice Parade - Freedom World Excerpt
Gentle Giant - Just The Same (live)
Pentangle - The Time Has Come
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Hostias
Townes Van Zandt - Lungs
Daniel Panasenko - Broken Glass
Univers Zero - Out Of Space 4
Handsome Family - Names For All His Shirts
Sergei Rachmaninov - Tropar: Voskres iz groba (Thou didst rise from the tomb)
[coelacanth ~ 01:52:58]$

dave heasman

"The Wife Of The Soldier/Steeleye Span"

There was a BBC TV program about folk-rock 1969-72 over the weekend, and Robyn Hitchcock suggested that Steeleye Span were like a St Albans Velvet Underground - I can't remember why.

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