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February 08, 2006



Now THAT burger looks cool! A salmon burger might just hit the spot, especially since the very unhappy discovery that two pounds of shrimp (not kosher either, but perfectly halal according to majority vote) had gone bad in my freezer...or more likely, had gone bad before they reached my freezer. And I had gotten the OTHER ingredients ready for Thai red curry. I was tempted to eat them anyway out of spite, but I was afraid they'd kill me or something.


My mother actually makes something very similar, actually, only with tuna, and with a far more Pakistani twist. They're called "cutlets" except they have nothing to do with what people mean by cutlets in the West. Using fish was her innovation.

Russell Arben Fox

Great recipe, Belle; I love salmon burgers. Next time we make them I'll have to take your advice and try adding some teriyaki.

Paula Helm Murray

Well, if you were to read Seantaclaus' LJ, we'd be awash in cheesecake in our house. Alas, we have more nights like tonight where we all go - "fark it, we've got enough things in the fridge.... we'll hunt." (It helps that we've four adults and no children, children really really need to eat regularly to be healthy ...) That there are things like barbecue pulled pork and chicken ready to go, as well as a couple kinds of fresh sausage helps though. I scrambled a couple of eggs.

I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog, this is he first time I've ever commented. Keep up the good work.


Thank you, darling. I am a firm believer in the chop-it-up-and-fry-it school of leftovers.

Another Damned Medievalist

For the first time, I must disagree. Burgers and other patty-like objects are horrible things to do to a poor salmon. Good wild salmon is too nice to alter much, and farmed salmon is a tool of the devil that should be boycotted out of existence ...

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