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March 08, 2006



Airwolf was one of my favorite shows growing up.
Dave's top ten list of 70s/80s guy shows.
1. Get Smart
2. Simon & Simon
3. Miami Vice
4. Sheriff Lobo
5. Night Rider
6. The A-Team
7. Rockford Files
8. Hawaii Five-O
9. Barney Miller
10. Cannon


I think Examined Life should sell Fudgewolf T-Shirts.


Does Zoë frequently start sentences with `Rather'?

For the record, I'd buy a fudgewolf t-shirt.


Zoë has started using 'rather' rather a lot at the start. It used to be that her favorite was, 'ACTually ...'

ben wolfson

This is completely awesome.


How was the fudge? Was it totally fudgewolf or merely totally airwolf?

belle waring

I have to say, I think it was merely airwolf. the fudge I made in the states using marshmallow fluff was totally fudgewolf. it's odd, because I used the real method, and thus stood over the stove stirring boiling cream and sugar for about 40 minutes. nonetheless, the fluff way delivers superior texture. live and learn.


Today we had a follow-up. Zoë had to go to the eye doctor because her regular doctor was worried that ... well, she's a Holbo, so she's sure to need glasses soon. Anyway, she did great. Eagle eye, we should call her. I congratulated her on acing the test. 'You did totally fudgewolf.' 'No, daddy. Rather, I did totally letterwolf.' Belle says that, as they moved down the rows, she very scrupulously told the nice man: 'it's a SMALLER e, it's a SMALLER b.' And so forth.


Letterwolf, not so much for the t-shirts. If you decide to start your own blogging company, however, that would be spot on.

ben wolfson

"fudgewolf" for the undies.


Ah, Ben. I can just see the scene of your birth.

Doctor, 'It's a son!'

Ben's Dad, 'No, it's totally ...'

Anyway, as to Fudgewolf undies. It's always a race to the bottom with you, is it, eh?

ben wolfson

So to speak.

Christopher M

I vote that you see what you can do about getting her next sentence-starter to be "to be sure." (It also works well as a standalone phrase.)

ben wolfson

"To be sure"? Pah! I vote for either "Quite." or "I'm afraid I must dissent, for…".


I think 'Au contraire' should be our target.


A few weeks ago we were talking about what to name a chicken, and Thomas (5) considered the proposals and said 'Well, that's an option, but I would recommend we call him Thomas'.


Accurate quote from a four-year-old of my acquaintance: "I am not so mysterious! I am only a little girl. It was most likely Carlos. Yes."

The topic of conversation was, how did you come up with that... unusual concept? (The Ouroboros.) Needless to say, I had nothing to do with it. Maybe Jung was on something. On to.

Anyway, I thought that was totally steppenrider.

Lux Fiat

Credit where it's due, I think the idea of using "airwolf" as an adjective (and a recursive, Airwolf-describing adjective) must come from this spoken-word bit:


I forget how I know that, but I suspect that at some point, I followed a link from a blog.

Lux Fiat

Oh, and I think "Fudgewolf" is the best word I've ever heard. I'd totally buy a t-shirt that had an angry-looking piece of fudge with bat wings on it.


Thanks for the link, lux.

We should probably start some kinda Cafe Press J&B coffee mugs. Fudgewolf & a Pony. Something like that. Or undies, as Ben suggests. Fudgewolf & a Pony undies would sell like hotcakes.

Jon H

"Credit where it's due, I think the idea of using "airwolf" as an adjective (and a recursive, Airwolf-describing adjective) must come from this spoken-word bit"

I dunno, it's not that hard to believe two people with major mental stocks of 80s nostalgia could come up with it independently. And if you read Dave Cambell's blog, you'll see that "Airwolf as an adjective" fits well with the rest of his humor. It's not like an otherwise unfunny person who comes up with one funny bit that turns out to have been swiped.

Dave seems pretty good about passing on credit where it's due, too.

I know I'd never heard of the bit you linked to, so it's not out of the question that Dave didn't either.

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