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March 05, 2006



:) indeed


Kudos to Zoë! The piece is so rich in symbolism and allegory I scarcely know where to begin. The irony or a sea creature being held captive only a few meters from it's home (the ocean) is powerful. I also like the red palm trees standing like sentinels over the hapless creature.
I would love to see more of Zoë's work.


Has Zoë been watching Lost?


Wow, that is one expressively sad looking octopus. It's kinda bumming me out--which is only a tribute to the artist.


Zoë probably HAS been catching a bit of "Lost", since we watched season one a few weeks back, and a bit of that has to be audible in her room after bedtime. She explained later that by 'cage' she meant aquarium. The octopus is supposed to be in water. But that doesn't really alter the essential mournfulness of the situation.


anyone spotted that smiley face at the top right corner? seems like the anonymous divine character's happy abt the mournful situation.... :(


It's almost a kind of mean-looking smiley. So angular.

Jeremy Osner

The smiley face is gotta be the sun. I'm guessing it's inside a yellow disc and did not scan in well -- same color as the island probably. Is this crayons or marker pens?

Tim May

Is it the flying island of Laputa?

I do like the octopus.

belle waring

that smiley thing is indeed the sun, but the yellow's not showing up so well. perhaps a malignant, mocking sun, but a sun.


but who drew it? your cousin, son, daughter, student?


Zoe is J&B's older daughter.

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