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March 18, 2006



Be careful, Garamond can lead you to the harder stuff. A lotta font geeks started out that way.


Since Bembo is not always readily available and has been somewhat claimed by my sister, I too stick to the garamond goodness. I found that a lot of my favorite editions of books (like the Woods translations of Thomas Mann) were set in Garamond. Colophons rock.


Sabon, man, Sabon.

Scott Lemieux

It's my default font and I likes it that way, goddammit.


Sabon's a nice font, but you don't want your web browser to use it.


There was this one time Belle asked everybody in her Latin class to memorize a passage of Catullus.

So first, I had to spend hours finding the right font to type it up in. And the answer was ...

Garamond Antiqua! It makes everything you write look serious.

If it had been Seneca ("The Dick Nixon of Rome" - B. Waring) I would have had to go with Bodoni.


--- Sabon, man, Sabon.
See what I mean?


paging JC Geissmann, designer of Latin Readings--are you in the house? Because I still have my dog-eared, spiraled bound copy of Hoffman, Waring, & Geissman, set in Adobe Garamond of course, right here in fact. Long after I lost the ability to really read it, I refused to sell it to a friend because it's so freakin looking. I have pulled it out at least a dozen times during late night rants about how perfect not-quite-textbook should be laid out, printed, and bound.

belle waring

hey saheli, I think I actually don't have a copy anymore...I'm glad you like it!


i'm more of a sans-serif guy myself, but i think that has more to do with my chronic use of programming languages.


Aww, that's too bad. If you don't mind not having the beautiful wire binding, let me know when next you're stateside and I'll try to send you a copy.


My MA thesis is in Garamond. Even though all the others in the library are in (boring old) Times New Roman or Courier, the school didn't make any font specifications, so I went ahead with the Garamond. Years from now, when Garamond and Baskerville are the fonts of choice, someone will uncover my thesis and (rather than being shocked at its poor quality) will proclaim that I was ahead of my time.

We are the vanguard.


Also, I'll weigh in on the serif vs. non-serif issue. My general rule is: if it's printed material, go with a serif font (Garamond); if it's meant to be read on the computer (like blogs are), go with a non-serif font (like Trebuchet or Lucida Sans).

I think I have support for this in some reference volume somewhere, but I can't remember which one. I realize this considerably weakens my argument, so I'll claim that it's in the Chicago Manual of Style. Forcing someone to search for it will at least buy me some time.


Book Antiqua!

ben wolfson


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