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May 12, 2006


Timothy Burke

You need to have a look at to see what's going on with Liefeld, I think.

Scott Eric Kaufman

That link doesn't work, and damn it, I want to know what's going on with him.

ben wolfson

Works for me, and I'm not at all sure you want to know.

Timothy Burke


doesn't work?

Try also these more work-safe versions:



What they say about IKEA is true. I just about ripped one of my fingers open on of those torturous little screws.


The madcap Mother-Father Cap reminds me of my own suggestion, some months back: an entire issue of The Avengers, or JLA, done in the style of Botero.

Jacob T. Levy

I at least kind of understand what RL could have been thinking with Cap-- the chest is still kind of chest-shaped. Just really, really big.

But Wolverine's head is kind of coming out of his left shoulder.

And, while that Campos Captain Atom's arms are just absurdly huge, his chest looks like it's melting, or like there's some living thing trapped inside it struggling to get out.

(Oh, and: ewwwww.)


Did Liefeld ever learn to draw feet? For years and years he obviously could not draw them- if possible he made them off the page, and if he had to draw them they were always the same sort of very plain generic boot on every person.


It really looks like Captain Atom's pec has decided to slide down Captain Atom's chest in order to nuzzle Purple Spandexa's breast.

Still, you know.


I must say: I've never noticed Liefeld's feet. I couldn't say.

Jacob T. Levy

Why O why do I keep following the links?

Scott Eric Kaufman

Unfortunately, that link worked.


On the moon, nerds who talk about Rob Liefeld are spanked with moon-rocks.

Iron Lungfish

So are the ones who make reference to Aqua Teen Hunger force, Jonathan.

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