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July 24, 2006


Rich Puchalsky

"all this is a universal truth, a fundamental subconscious feeling of normal humans"

Wow. Didn't Adam Roberts write something about Proust recently on a similar theme? The writer's assumption that their individual eroticism must be universal. In this kind, I wonder whether it functioned for Marston as defense against criticism of his own arrangements, was just an example of his domineering tendency, or was a kind of learned aspect of the psychology of the time?

Brian Cook

Sounds like Marston and Joyce would have gotten along swimmingly...

Gary Farber

"Somehow before reading this book I was completely unaware that the creator of Wonder Woman was a very strange and interesting fellow."

No kidding.

Jeepers, I went through this with LizardBreath a few months ago.

I oughta conduct a seminar, or sumpthin'.

If only ya'd asked.

Brendan Hogg

The writer's assumption that their individual eroticism must be universal.

Worked out well enough for Freud, didn't it?


Yeah, for Freud's patients and everyone else treated by him?

Not so much.

Gary Farber

"He asserted, 'Women are exciting for this one reason - it is the secret of women's allure - women enjoy submission, being bound. This I bring out in the Paradise Island sequences where the girls beg for chains and enjoy wearing them.'"

Speaking of stuff I assume everyone knows, but maybe doesn't, should I mention John Norman Lange here?

Gary Farber

We must also mention: Trina!

(Also, that Luthor/Brainiac cover is nice. 12 cents! I used to own it!)


Daniels's Wonder Woman book is great, innit?

I haven't read that later article before, thanks for the link!

(Found you commenting here.)

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