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August 17, 2006



I dunno. He might not have done it. The NYT article kind of hedged and said that it might be a guy confessing who didn't really do it. His ex-wife says he was nowhere near Colorado on the night of the murder -- he was in Alabama with her. The article said he was obsessed with the JBR case and Polly Klaas and read everything he could about it.

(I figured I needed to be conversant on this in the interest of being able to hold up my end of a dinner conversation as my roommate is obsessed with all of the Missing White Woman stories and surely would be all over this. I was right -- as soon as I logged in this morning, I got an "OMG!!1! JonBenet!" instant message)

Ray Davis

Since I don't know and can't know anything about it, I guess I don't have an opinion.

(Or, Why I Am Not a Newsblogger.)

Speaking of which, given that so few of the get-Iraq talking heads have apologized, is there really much reason to wonder?


Wow- This post is really illustrative. Your tone is so confident, so strident, and so insulting ("incompetent police department and prosecutor" "the authorities are fingering for their own ass-covering reasons""Will any of the more vociferous talking head accusers apologize"). All one day before (as it appears) the confession is disintegrating.

There is nothing wrong with being wrong-most of us are, and this is really just a media situation in which its really not important to understand it completely. But to be so stridently, insultingly, self-righteously wrong; it should make you question yourself, though generally people who talk and think and attack like this almost never question themselves. Will you apologize, I wonder.



Well, there's a small difference between the confidence and stridency of Belle, and that of the talking heads: Belle didn't spend the last ten years earning her living by ruining the fucking lives of two innocent people.

Gary Farber

A local view.

I live in Boulder, you know, although I've never bothered to go past the Ramsay house; not the sort of news story that interests me.

Adam Kotsko

I hear that if talking heads ever apologize, they get fired and lose their pension.

Ray Davis

Poor li'l ol' gaunt & stubbly talking head, rollin' down the gutter... can't even ask for a hand-out, having no hands....

Steve, your own hand seems kinda heavy under the circumstances. I thought the conjunction of rampant speculation and disapproval of rampant speculation was funny ha-ha enough to be worth pointing out. But confidently misreading the situation is the very foundation of journalism (otherwise it'd be called history), and journalism is pretty popular. Although I can enjoy a good general jerimiad, attacking the ethics of individual consumers or producers of journalism seems, well, unrealistically ambitious at best and rudely selective at worst.

(I read "Brenda Starr" every day but not The New York Times, which I figure is a good compromise.)


So, what do you think now?

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