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September 14, 2006



I do something very similar, substituting a couple ounces (I dunno, a largish chunk) very finely minced fresh ginger. Yumm.

I think I have to make cake tonight.

Wharf bat

Its's always a Happy and ironic Day in Belle-land: like those Happy xtians at the Weblog

Artemidorous Malakhitanu

Only those who are truly committed will troll a cake recipe thread. I applaud you.

The Modesto Kid


ben wolfson

It sure would be swell if someone, like say Belle, or maybe John, went through Belle's posts and put the recipe-containing ones in some "food" or "recipe" category so that those of us who can vaguely remember that some post exists but can't find it would have fewer non-food posts to look through.


It already exists, Ben. Go to archives. Then click on the 'food and drink' category.

ben wolfson

Holy time machine!

Timothy Burke

We've found the fierce, odd corners of this here internet thingie where people can brutally troll each other over matters like "Are you allowed to link to me if I don't like you?" and "Is it bad for the kids if Poison Ivy is kind of naked in the latest Batman comic book"? I see no reason why we should not brutally troll cake recipes.

I can even see the next Hitchens column somewhere out there: "Cake or Islamofacism?"


And the crazy thing is that I already know about the Poison Ivy wearing shredded clothing thing. Read that one through and through yesterday. Small blogosphere. But yes there is an almost metaphysical art to trolling. A principle of insufficient reasons, if you will.

The Conqueror Worm

"..there is an almost metaphysical art to trolling"

Yes, like baking a cake, competent trolling requires a certain delicate sensibility and sense of style. Now, working as a professional idealist philosopher: that requires little style, but a great deal more, like superb sales and oratory skills, a monumental ego, and the ability to write 10 paragraphs of jargon daily without ever bothering with an argument or claim regarding history, economics, psychological data, etc. Oh, and maybe some der das dem die, etc. to give it that oom pah pah touch ....

Chris Conway

My wife made this cake on Sunday and it caused something of a controversy in our household. Either it improves with age or it is an acquired taste---I suspect a little of each.

One should note, this cake is more spice than sugar. This gives it a sort of dark, earthy flavor that almost leans towards bitter. If I were to make it again, I would add maybe another 1/4 cup of sugar and cut the cardamom and cloves in half. (Caveat emptor: my knowledge of baker's chemistry is limited to the difference between baking powder and baking soda. This cake might implode.)

Also, I'm not sure if it was our oven, the climate, or if I misunderstood the description, but I wouldn't describe the finished product as "damp." Pretty standard cakey consistency.

Chris Conway

The lady herself says 2/3 cup of white sugar, but hasn't yet updated the recipe here.

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