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January 23, 2007


Wax Banks

My god, what a marvelous thing to buy that many migraine headaches for only ten bucks!

I found unschooled drumming a very Zen activity in high school and wished I'd had the opportunity to bang hell out of a drum kit as a young child. But instead I was forced to sublimate that energy into daydreaming about girls and reading science fiction. Some wrong choices have been made. One or two right ones as well.

ben wolfson

A friend of mine at Chicago had a practice pad that I used to whack at arrhythmically until everyone else on our floor made him not let me anymore. Hitting things with sticks is fun!

dr. worm

they call me doctor worm
good morning, how are you?
i'm doctor worm
i'm interested in things
i'm not a real doctor
but i am a real worm
i am an actual worm

Jon H

Maybe buy them some Evelyn Glennie (percussionist who happens to be deaf) such as Shadow Behind The Iron Sun which is more rockin' than most of her stuff.

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