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February 18, 2007



Just came cross here through Bloglines' Image Wall. Nice photos, and happy new year!


The girls are unbelievably cute :)

Happy New Year!

ben wolfson

But would you walk down stairs in slow-motion while Nat King Cole wafted through the air?


Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! I love the slide from straight banks to curved spikes to sweet curl. The girls look nice too.

Gary Farber

I gave my wishes here.

Russell Arben Fox

Happy New Year, Belle and John! What did you make? We had longevity noodles yesterday, as usual.

Say, a question for someone with a stronger knowledge of the Chinese zodiac than myself--I've been told that this year is not just the year of the pig, but the year of the "fire pig" or "golden pig"? Is there some special cycle of the years I'm unfamiliar with?

Scott Lemieux

Wong Kar Wai's In the Mood For Love

Hell, the beautiful Criterion edition is worth owning outright...


I hope you cut your hair before the start of the New Year:

Many people avoid cutting their hair during the first month of the Chinese new year because the Chinese for hair, "fa" or "faat," sounds like the character for fortune in the new year's greeting "gong xi fa cai" or "gung hei faat choi."

"If you cut your hair, it sounds like you are 'cutting' your luck," said John Lok, a feng shui consultant.


To answer RAF, it's not a 12 year cycle, as usually presented to Westerners, but a 60 year cycle. Five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal water) and twelve animals. To make it extra tricky, the elements come in pairs, in yin and yang in successive years.

For example, I was born in the year of the Earth-Yin Dog. My son was born 36 years later in the year of the Wood-Yin Dog. (My wife and daughter are both from Fire-Yin years, Monkey and Tiger respectively. No Yang in the house).

It is now the year of the Fire-Yang Pig, and I guess that comes up gold.

belle waring

yes, I cut it before new years. haven't been sweeping either lest I sweep out my luvk


And I always thought it was Gong Hee Fat Choy. Just goes to show you. Happy New Year to you and all those great guys. Mom

teething ring

Speaking of going out for noodles: Last night my crew had dinner at the Burmese place on Bonifant Street. When our seven-month-old got cranky, I carried her over to an empty part of the restaurant where she could look out the window and simmer down. And there we saw . . . Belle Waring's signature (bookmarked by a peace sign and a little heart) on one of their framed anniversary T-shirts. Did you work there, Belle, or were you just a loyal customer? I explained to the baby that we were looking at a blogger's name, but she didn't seem impressed.


No pics of Piggy? ;_;

belle waring

teething ring: I figure that was poet and npr correspondant Belle Waring, who is a different person. I do, however, like burmese food.


Is it just a trick of perspective or are Violet and Zoe the same size now?

belle waring

mostly. violet is about 6 inches shorter and weighs 7 or 8 lbs less.

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