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February 22, 2007


Russell Arben Fox

For equally unclear reasons, Caitlyn (age 6) also loves Piglet's Big Movie, and in particular loves this story. When I read to her out of our big book of Pooh stories, this one--about when Kanga and Roo first come to the forest, and Rabbit hatches a plan to convince her to leave, which Pooh and Piglet foolishly go along with, with the result that Piglet ends up in Kanga's pouch and Kanga goes ahead and bathes him and gives him Roo's medicine, all while Piglet squeals out his true identity--is the one she asks me to read to her the most. (The original story is hilarious, by the way. If you don't know it, find it and read it sometime; you get this wonderfully Colonel Blimpish thing from Rabbit, as he talks about how Kanga, who actually puts her child in a pocket, just isn't Their Kind of People.)

The Modesto Kid

Oh noes! Kanga is metamorphosing into Rabbit! What will become of Roo -- he will have to learn to live underground, in accommodations unnatural to a marsupial such as himself. Will Tigger still come to visit?

The Modesto Kid

Also: have Zoë and her sis gotten read the Moomin books yet? We are on our second time through the series (though certain chapters have been read over many more times than that) and they are not losing any of their appeal.


The original story is hilarious, by the way.

I'm gutted at the way Disney has appropriated the Pooh stories. It's sad that your kids will grow up with those appalling images of Tigger/Pooh/Eeyore and so on (in a picture I saw recently from their stuff, Eeyore was cheery and smiling-- WTF?) I'm constantly intending to start a website boosting the originals, with their dry humour and nuance and Ernest Shepard illustrations, versus the Disney shite, but I'm too worried Disney might come after me.
The Disney people also make up stuff that wasn't in the original stories - I saw one DVD with Pooh in the wild west somewhere. On a horse. Again, WTF. They have done their best to ruin something I love.

Russell Arben Fox

"I'm constantly intending to start a website boosting the originals, with their dry humour and nuance and Ernest Shepard illustrations, versus the Disney shite, but I'm too worried Disney might come after me."

My favorite part of the original stories, and my wife's too, is Milne's highly Idiosyncratic yet oddly Meaningful Use of Capitals. Unfortunately, I've never been able to figure out a way of communicating them while reading aloud. (Also, I agree that the very idea of a cheery, smiling Eeyore is wrong on so many levels.)


Zoe's illustrations, on the other hand, are impeccable.

I'm even more gutted now I've just been told by my local bookshop that there are no moomin books in stock in Australia at the moment. I feel like Piglet, too, or rather like Eeyore.



I assumed from the pot on the fire that she was making Piglet soup!


Sad fact of lawyer-mom-life: When discussing who amongst us in the family corresponded with which character in the Pooh stories, it was universally decided that I am Rabbit, solely on the basis of the story in which Pooh explains to Rabbit that Pooh cannot just "think up" a rhyme, that rhymes are something you have to wait on, until they come to you. Rabbit is perfectly uncomprehending, having never waited anything in his life - he just goes out and *gets* whatever it is.


Is that your drawing?

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