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February 26, 2007



I remember being really young -- maybe three or four years old -- and watching my mom put on her false eyelashes (which she'd do every day, even just to go to work, church, wherever). It was a slow ritual; she'd squeeze out a little line of glue onto the lashes, then use tweezers to position them onto her eyelids. It mesmerized me. I called them "fox eyelashes" because I didn't understand "false," but as you've convincingly argued, they're fox eyelashes indeed.


I'd think you were crazy but my ex-roommate was so offended that I didn't own an eyelash curler that she went out and bought me one and taught me how to use it and, wow, yes, just curling your eyelashes does make a big difference. Dunno if I'm quite ready to dip into the eyelash glue yet but I do believe you.


Funny, just last night I was struck from nowhere with curiosity about false lashes. I am intrigued. Do you have a favorite mascara? No matter what I use it seems to migrate to below my eye after a few hours, and not because I'm rubbing my eyes, either. This tends to undermine the wide-awake effect.


Do you curl again after you put the eyelashes on? Does it hurt to take them off? Do you use anything special to wash the glue off? Are these reusable eyelashes or disposable?

belle waring

redfoxtailshrub: really? I tend to not like waterproof mascara because it can be hard to get off, but have you tried it? just rock the maybelline. also, slightly smudged is OK depending on what you're looking for; maybe just have some makeup removing wipes in your bag and fold one so it has a sharp corner and then run it under your lower lashes? whatever's left will just look like eyeliner.

saheli: people suggest curling afterwards. this is fine as long as you let them dry well first, but I usually don't bother. it can hurt if you pull them off and they're not ready to come; you might have to sit there with a cotton pad soaked in oily makeup remover on there for a half-minute or so. occasionally one will take a real eyelash with it but not so it seems to be a problem. I throw them away afterwards. they look like little spiders in the trash.


Dear Belle,
PLEASE write about Ettusais' Zero-Pore makeup base. Right away.

Thank you

Tom Scudder

Nonetheless I sometimes pity guys because they can't change their appearance,

That's what facial hair was invented for.

redfox (lindy's daughter)

Say, you're right! These are awesome ++.


Er, that was me, as you probably could tell. Damn these multiple, oh so slightly different, identities.


Is there any point if you already have long dark curly lashes? I'm really lazy about eye makeup and eyebrow shaping because my lashes and brows are naturally quite nice. But maybe I'm missing a trick.

belle waring

nah, you're good, kali. stick with a winning formula of not doing anything. maybe you should use the free time to learn crucial facts about lipstick or something.


Hee, thanks for the advice. (lIpstick is also a lost cause for me; I have empirical evidence that any given lipstick comes off me 3x faster than my friends, even if I blotted it with a tissue and everything!)

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