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February 17, 2007



The High Llamas are great. I picked up Buzzle Bee last year just because I liked the cover design and it turned out to be great on the merits as well.

Tim Walker

Thanks for pointing to The High Dials, Belle - my wife and I are enjoying listening to their Myspace clips as we loll around on a Saturday morning.

If I may offer a counter-recommendation, my own - highly biased! - fave among Myspace bands includes a couple of friends of mine: Midori Umi.

So many bands with Myspace pages, so little time . . .


The High Dials rule live. I saw them open for the brian jonestown massacre and the high dials were much better.


Checked out the high dials page, very cool.
We have to use myspace to promote our band and it works pretty good whats cool is the automation software out there like http://www.myfriendbuilder.com/ it automates adding friends and emails. Probably not for what you are useing myspace for but it is great for bars and bands.

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