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March 19, 2007


Richard Zach

Yes, that's a fun game: pair all the hip new bands with the 80s bands they sound like. !!! = A Certain Ratio. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah = Talking Heads. Yeah Yeah Yeahs = Siouxie. LCD Soundsystem = Human League. etc.

Haven't listend to Modest Mouse lately since I decided a few years ago that they just sounded like Beat Happening.

Maybe that's a sign of getting old? You don't appreciate new music anymore because in your head it all sounds like what you listened to in your youth?


A few years ago the local college radio station jettisonned its previous Alternative Rock format (Creed, Pearl Jam) and went with a mix of current Indie music and '80s Underground Alternative. So: Franz Ferdinand and the Ramones, Sufjan Stevens and "Bitchin' Camaro."

It works really well, which goes to show just which retro sound is influential right now. They DO all sound similar enough to put together.

I'm very happy because I was an '80s college student, so it's like Old Home Week. I dread the day a new generation of kids discovers the wonder of Nirvana.


>I dread the day a new generation of kids discovers the wonder of Nirvana.

I also dread the grunge revival.

ben wolfson

It causes me great distress to learn that a college radio station ever played Creed.

belle waring

let's just tell ourselves it was an ag school, ben.

Doctor Slack

I hadn't realized the Yeah Yeah Yeahs --> Siouxsie resemblance before, but now that someone points it out it's kind of blindingly obvious.

The Modesto Kid

Say, can any of you hipsters tell me about Venus 3? I bought a ticket to see them next week because I love (and have never seen in concert) Robyn Hitchcock, but I never heard of this band until I heard them on the radio yesterday. Nice song, sounded kind of like electronic Bob Dylan. I'm going to see Robyn Hitchcock, so excited!

The Modesto Kid

...Apparently The Venus 3 is a super-group consisting of Hitchcock, R.E.M.'s Peter Buck, Young Fresh Fellows frontman Scott McCaughey and Ministry's Bill Rieflin. Well R.E.M. and Ministry I know and like, and Young Fresh Fellows I have heard of and have no cause to doubt the goodness of.


I listened to a lot of Young Fresh Fellow back in high school band camp. Lot of Soft Boys, too. Guess I better find out about this Venus 3 thing.


Having spent part of the '80s with you, listening to Edie Brickell, the Sugarcubes and TMBGiants, I'd have to say you were semi-prescient and remain consistent in your gustibus.

The Modesto Kid

Here is the blog of a Soft Boy. He likes The Venus 3.


Woof! (How's the kid?) But surely the most memorable fixation I had at that time was Steely Dan and the Pixies, played over and over, back to back? Wasn't that the phase I was going through? Surfer Rosa plus Pretzel Logic. Plus Jane's Addiction. Which Young Geoff didn't like, but gradually grew to like. And of course Ben B. playing Dixie Dregs riffs on that old guitar.

Russell Arben Fox

Melissa and I caught the Soft Boys in DC when they reuinted and toured the states back in 2001; it was at the Black Cat, if I remember correctly. I can't say I was impressed; it was only okay show, at best. I've never thought Hitchcock and the Soft Boys were nearly as good as Robyn Hitchcock solo. Though they did "Mr. Kennedy" at that show, with Hitchcock and Kimberly Rew trading guitar solos, and it was undeniably awesome. I'll have to look into this Venus 3 thing...


Yamima's alllllll right. So far, fairly serene and pacific little baby... There may have been some Steely Dan or Jane's Addiction but those I don't associate with you; on the other hand, every time I here Brickell or TMBG I think of you and unrecycled bottles. You really did have the Sugarcubes on continuous replay.

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