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March 22, 2007



It's not entirely true that red and green things are all redgreen. Indeed, I can assign a specific color label to basically any shade--I'm just wrong sometimes, especially with vaguely artificial things (e.g., I know grass is green, so I see it that way).

More specifically, he four classes of mistakes that I think I'm most likely to make are:

* Confusing orange with bright green
* Confusing brown with dark green
* Confusing blue with purple
* Confusing lavender with pink

Hope this helps!


Apparently I'm slightly color blind, though not too much or for all colors, thank god. Just one of the disks you're supposed to look at at the eye doctor has no number in it when I look at it. Mostly there are some things that look like faded black to me that other people (quit oddly, to my mind) swear are dark green, and some things that look like a faded red to me I'm told are orange to others. Only the orange case causes emberresment, really. But I see both orange (that is clearly distinct from red) and dark green (that is clearly distinct from black) so I don't really know what's going on myself.


Mommy eye-beams can be fatal to such an effort

What an interesting observation that is, also!


Wiki is your friend. More info than you want to know. From there, you can get to tests and pages which show simulated views of how colorblind people see things.

I.e., this page. Pretty balloons! I think the best test is this one.


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