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March 14, 2007


Kip Manley

Oh, wow. Are you just now only into Season Two? Damn. Good times ahead. —Though, sadly, not as shirtless as you might be hoping.

Another Duncan

The Wire: Best.TV.Ever. I need season 5 like Bubbles needs a fix. HBO need to re-up the package to the corner, you feel me?

Also, "Points on The Package" would be a great name for a Wire fan-site.

Aeon J. Skoble

Those articles focus not just on beleaguered wives-with-jobs, but on wives-who-are-big-bucks-breadwinners -- CEOs etc -- who "feel too guilty to hire a maid." This is world's-smallest-violin territory. If you're pulling CEO-level cash, and don't want to do housework, hire a maid. Why the guilt?


I haven't read the study, but it's one where checking the data carefully would be important. In some not-tiny proportion of households where the woman's income is greater, the man has some disability.

Scott Lemieux

A key lesson here, of course, is that the reification of 50s bourgeois housekeeping standards is a particularly bad deal for women. [/hobbyhorse]

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