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March 22, 2007



I am a librul-cala-fascistic-expialadocious kind of a guy.Have been for years.I don`t post much,but I just cannot restrain myself any more.I had to tell someone after all these years of pent up emotional confusion.
I have a question about Mr. Goldberg`s book title.I may show how dumb I actually am,but I thought that being librul was kind of the opposite of being fascist.I always thought that us libruls were supposed to be "left wing commie pinkos,"and over the years I`ve learned to carry that shameful stigma--sometimes proudly,I might add.
Now,I find out that my librulaty is really fascism.I`m very confused.What should I do?
I hate Pringles,too.

belle waring

well, you see, sully, fascism is a very bad thing, and liberals are very bad also, so therefore liberals are fascists. tune in next week when I explain how Nazi's themselves were more like extreme, Stalinesque leftists than they were like extreme, right-wing...um, I was going to go with Nazi's here, but anyway, yeah, because they had socialist in the name.


So funny. Goldberg objects to the Amazon review but then says the same thing. It's like when the Professor would say something to be followed by Gilligan babbling and saying the same damn thing!


This reminded me of the Michael Berube post on Crooked Timber, which you've probably also seen, on David Horowitz's ripoff of his book cover.

As soon as I saw the linked image of Goldberg's book I recognised the cover of Mark Davis's Gangland, which was pretty big here in Australia. I realise the cover I've linked to has a black background, but the copy in front of me on my desk - the second edition published in 1999 - has a red background, and as such is almost identical to Goldberg's cover.

Or rather, Goldberg's cover is identical. Someone should tell Allen and Unwin.

Matt Weiner

Silly Jonah. The planet has a fever, and the only prescription is... MORE COWBELL!

--Official certified philosopher-intellectual dude Matt Weiner

Matt Weiner

(You know, I've never actually seen the skit.)


It's definitely worth your five minutes, Matt.

Matt Weiner

Yay youtube!

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