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June 26, 2007



It looks pretty great. The bench and the long room are very nice. Having spent the the last 3 days trying to re-learn all of tort law I can't help but find myself thinking that I hope the buddha hand above the bench is well attached so it doesn't fall on the head of someone sitting in the chair.


hey, do you think you would ever want your house to be in a magazine? i'm with an archi/interior design mag, and my editor has expressed interest in your place when he saw photos of your new place! you think?

belle waring

oooh, totally, d. I would love that. email me.


The house looks great. We can't wait to see it up close.

Be careful on those ladders.

Paul and Kay


I *love* chandeliers.


I love the hand (have a bit of a collection myself). When we lived in Thailand, I visited the amazing house of a Thai architect set on the banks of a river in Chiang Mai - very serene... anyway, he had the Buddha hands as the handles to his front door. I always thought that when I had a house (finally) I would find a worthy entrance to do the same to.


hey belle, hope you received my email, sent it a while back

W. Kiernan

Ah, but have you ever operated an electric drill, plugged into the 110V mains, with fogged-up eye-glasses while standing on a wobbly ladder in the driving rain, with a Category Four hurricane scheduled to pass right over your house within the next nine hours? Hah, Hell no, you aren't half stupid enough!


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