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July 26, 2007


Jim Henley
I fear that I'm going to have to cock-punch some people in the nursing home.

I don't understand why this would be a problem.


Why wait until the nursing home, Belle? Why not just go do it now?

Fight tomorrow's war, today! Get them there before we get them here!

Or something. Hell, it's going to be really depressing to be a voter when the next crop of college republicans starts spewing retroactive talking points about the pony brigade and the unicorn corps that eagerly attempted to help us in Mosul and Kirkuk, until we left them behind when we evacuated, and they got genocided.


Cock-punch. What is that?


David, it's, shall we say, a very good thing when applied to the sum total of the 27% of the dead-enders in their last throes. And the College Republicans who are currently, oh, 13. It'll anticipate their attempts to add some new sort of POW flag and their odd revisionist histories about how Michael Moore and War Churchill caused Anne Coulter to lose the war because Michelle Malkin couldn't round up enough Arabs and stash them at Giants' Stadium.



Was your entry related to my question "What is a cock-punch?"

If so, I am non the wiser.

I did a quick internet check for a dfinition and it seems as if it means punching someone in the cock. Very nice. I suppose the shorthand is supposed to make the term look nicer on paper.

belle waring

you saw through my vain attempts to pretty up the term, davod. "cock punch" does indeed mean "punch some dude in the cock."

Dan Hardie

If you're searching for a euphemism, Belle, I recommend the term I once heard used by a gleeful female pugilist: 'box shot'. The box being the hard plastic thing that we chaps stuff into our jockstraps over the bits we're terribly scared of losing.

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