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July 24, 2007


Adam Roberts

Either your wainscotting is really really big, or you and your furniture is all really really small

belle waring

how so? it's about a meter off the ground, I would say. the room itself is very long, though. aw, crap, you got us. we're gnomes, fine, just blab it to the world, why don't you.


Can you please come over and do my house?


I'm coming to live in your house. Sorry! But that's what you get for posting it on the interweb.


How weird. I am sitting here typing this at my dining room table and when I look up I see a shadow puppet that is almost indistinguishable from the one above. At least the wall here is orange rather than red.

I think it is Arjuna?

The photos arranged around that one woman's photos--I like that so much. Who is the woman in the picture or is it just a picture?

I love your house, by the way. I stumbled across your photo of the entrance way and developed sort of an obsession with the tile there.


Damn, Belle, great eye.


Looks beautiful, Belle.

ben wolfson

I love the picture arrangement.


Beautiful look in your house. And the innermost of your house is have an excellent view. Thank you for sharing.

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