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August 30, 2007



Hey, sapling, here's part of an email a friend sent me in April of 2002.

So I've gotten into this blog thing a fair bit lately. I started off liking Instapundit a lot. He seems to be getting a lot more right wing lately. Not sure why that is.

The Modesto Kid

'back in the day'

Wow, so 2003 is only 4 years ago huh? This is a little strange cause I could swear I've been reading blogs my entire life, which is longer than 4 years.

Christopher M

I had forgotten all about Kyle Williams, conservative wunderkind, but that post reminded me. And I clicked through to his site, and scanned a few of his most recent columns (from 2005). Reading them, you actually get a strong sense that the kid was growing up a little bit and realizing that the conservative line he'd been so ably parroting wasn't quite spot on. It's a little bit touching, really.


As for the rest of your post, this site might be of interest.


Was that back when you were supporting the Iraq war and giving people hell for thinking it was stupid? That might explain things.

belle waring

Matt: we prefer to think of that as my "fucking moron Hitchens" blogging phase. but yes, that explains a lot.

Matt Weiner

Warmongering is one thing, but Kausian editorial interpolations? You folks really do have a past. [OK, the interpolations were written by an actual different person -ed.]

Kip Manley

One's first "Instapundit is a right-wing hack" post is always a cherished memory. I do not think the fact that mine is dated 12/20/2002 accrues me any especial benefit.

(I smell a meme! Bloggers, start your search engines!)

Threadjack? Oh! Wow. Wallpaper really is coming back, isn't it?

ben wolfson

Like, I can paint you a trompe l'oeil mural of the Italian countryside! I mean, I actually can

Jesus. Is there anything you can't do?


She probably can't pass for Ernest Borgnine, Ben.

ben wolfson

But you don't know.


Those were the days when John was changing the pulp avatars more frequently. Maybe you should get him to let you stop smoking.

Matt Weiner

I can see that the most difficult part of my job will be actually asking people for money and charging for my services.

I know of a really nightmarish case involving this, btw -- the moral of the story is, make damn sure that your properly licensed for whatever you're doing it in the county you're doing it in. (Which, the county thing, probably applies less in Singapore.)

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