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August 06, 2007


Scott Lemieux

I later originated that idea as well...


I was wondering about that (is the comic-strip guy Yggles) myself.


I presume the "funny" part is some kind of lame connection between the name "T 'n R" and "T and A"--hence the "don't tell mom" thing going on. But if nothing else--and it is of course nothing else--Chris muir like Mallard Filmore is good for understanding just how little distance there is between GOP talking points and cartoon imagery.



So everyone's reading Chris Muir all the time why?


Armsmasher: It's for the exact same reason they slow down to look at car wrecks.


So everyone's reading Chris Muir all the time why?

Because he's too funny to be relegated to the Lewiston (Nebraska) Sun Journal?


Instapundit told me it was funny. Was he wrong?


So everyone's reading Chris Muir all the time why?

I'm kind of fascinated by what goes on in the minds of people with that sort of political beliefs, and it's a quick snapshot of what's so obviously true to them that it can be the basis of a joke -- here, that snotnosed liberal kids get a pruriently pornographic pleasure out of journalism that 'harms the troops'.


Kantian nihilism.

belle waring

'smasher, I only happened to read this strip because I was reading a captain ed post. I realize this just raises another question...


That's obviously supposed to be Yglesias. The resemblance is too close to be a coincidence.


This strip reminded me of that incomprehensible anecdote about William Buckley that John posted at CT the other day. Why does a liberal have to hide his copy of TNR? Why does a Spaniard have to hide the fact that he likes the dictator?

Conservative humour is so baffling sometimes.

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