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January 23, 2008


The Modesto Kid

Reckon we didn't clap hard enough.


You could be a famous investment advisor though if you build your profile at the right time. There was an Australian talking head (sorry, no names, I entirely forget where I read this) who got an immense amount of press love for predicting the 1987 crash. It turned out he'd been predicting it every week for a year, but it worked for him in the end!

David Moles

Good time to be getting paid in Singapore dollars.


You can pat yourself on the back if you get back into the stock market in time to take advantage of the temporary drop in prices.

Knowing when to get out is only half the trick, and odds are you won't be able to pull off both halves.

Protracted recession? It's possible, but the Fed has a lot of rate cutting it can do before it gets to that point.


A stopped clock is right twice a day. We're approaching that time again ...

John Quiggin

Mary, you might be thinking of Peter Brain and the 1997 Asian crisis.

Mind you, I and lots of others predicted this kind of meltdown five years ago. Again, the problem is timing.


I knew the title of your post would draw the Australians, wittingly or no.

My Alter Ego

When's the next flight to Muswellbrook?

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