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January 28, 2008


Rich Puchalsky

If you're going to end up in the DC area, you might want to look at Hyattsville. When I lived there a decade and a half or so ago, it was the near-DC-suburb that vaguely leftish people went to when they got priced out of Takoma Park. The vaguely rightish people patriotically went to a Virginia suburb of DC, of course. Which is probably why all the good used book stores are on the Maryland side.

Jon H

I think you guys just won the Internet, or something of equivalent value.


Go Maryland!

Having said that, I can not get your RSS feed to work with outlook. It only seems to work with Mozilla.


She's going to finish the place by May!?!?!? Man, I should use her contractor!!!


If you're gonna end up in DC, you should head for Friendship Heights/Tenleytown over by AU. It's got a few great bookstores, some of the nicest Asian food in town, lots of open parkland and public schools properly internationalized by the local populace, which is either proudly leftist and American, or is left-center from Europe or Africa.
Then all the AU students...

Plus, it's closer to DC proper.


Yay for windfalls and doing nice things with them!

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