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February 05, 2008


The Modesto Kid

I plan to. But, but Ellen is going to make the sum vote of our household be an abstention.

The Modesto Kid

(And Sylvia says she, too, is going to vote for Clinton, in the parallel universe where she has the vote. Aargh.)


How come Democrats Abroad doesn't have a caucus in Singapore?


I can't help with the vote, but I'll look into shipping you a pony.


"Please vote for Obama"

OK, will do.


Done. And my Republican husband did too.

The Modesto Kid

I apologize on behalf of NJ. But Obama won lots of small states!


I did my part, Belle, but TN went for Clinton.

Then God punished us with tornadoes.

Russell Arben Fox

If the vote of a whacked-out Christian socialist is worth anything, well, I did my part.

I'm not a huge Obama fan, obviously (not a huge fan of anyone, really), but hey, if it makes it even slightly more likely that we'll avoid another Clinton presidency, then I'm happy.


My precint's DFL caucus workers estimated that turn out was five or six times higher than it had ever been. I don't know that they all voted for Obama, but he took 2/3 of the vote in Minnesota!

The Modesto Kid

People in Maine: also smarter than New Jerseyns.

Eva Jettmar

I don't like Obama. To me he's an opportunistic creep.

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