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February 04, 2008



Isn't that a general rule for producers of schlock? That they tend to be much more sophisticated and consciously well-informed about their medium than you'd expect their audience to be? I'm generalizing from a couple of examples (e.g., a friend's father in high school who wrote dopey SF and mysteries, but was all about the textual analysis of the ur-Hamlet in his spare time; Stephen King writing about writing, and so on).

Russell Arben Fox

I figure there are two kinds of sclock producers out there--the bonehead adolescent fools, and the cool, mature, literate hipsters. I just don't see that kind of stuff attracting many middle-ground people (i.e., Ron Howard): either they do it because they love cannibalism movies (the gore! the dead nubile females!) and the money they can make off them, or they love "cannibalism movies," the tropes, the genre, the in-house references, the craft, the meta-event. LB's example of Stephen King makes me think about him very carefully thinking about and crafting sentences about hungry alien weasels bursting out of people's asses. Makes sense to me.

ben wolfson

I followed the link to the listing because I wanted to find out more about the kind of place that includes a bthrm, but there was an error :(.

I think LB has the right of it; a friend of mine who's really into film is especially really into exploitation and, in fact, cannibalism movies; he knows a lot about movies but had he his druthers when making one himself it would be total schlock with lots of tits and gore.


I read 'amuses' as 'anuses' and spent a while trying to parse the last sentence.
We spent more than a million and didn't get views or gazebo. Nor colorful past, to my knowledge (plenty of granite counters though). I declare it a bargain! Buy!


Expertise and taste do not proceed along the same axis, at all.

Vance Maverick

Ben, click here, then search for "metaphysician" and click through. (Even this link won't last, I'm sure.)

The Modesto Kid

The metaphysician is the one who heals the healer, right?

Timothy Burke

That's only 1.3 million? In LA, that's a starter house, practically. What's wrong with it?


When I lived in Seattle got really really tired of hipsters with their riske amusments, interesting hair styles, and obscure interests (I had a friend whose two favorite bands that he was always re commending were Os Mutantes (psychidelic brazil) and THe Plastic People of the Universe (psychedelic Checkoslovakia). So we moved to Madison, Wisconsin and I've never have to deal with hipsters again. You should think about it.

ps. I met Jim Woodring once and he was a moderate hipster smoking a big cigar.

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