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February 16, 2008


The Modesto Kid

I can see some potential in "the gatekeepers of sex" -- might be developed into a cool, sort of Justice Leaguey comic.

The Modesto Kid

(Oh, no! Obviously the gatekeepers of sex would work at The Museum of Sex!)

Rich Puchalsky

Please, next time, don't bother linking to the original post. Compulsive link-clicking should not lead to loss of brain cells...

In particular, what struck me about his "argument" (you see? I can't help but give him an argument-in-quotes now) is that it isn't even consistently loony. He complains that women are having casual sex. Then he complains that you can't flirt at work due to sexual harassment law, and that if you have casual sex, a woman may pursue you forever for child support. Can't he settle on one coherent form of misogyny long enough for just one blog post?


Oh, god, I read the comments and now I'm sick. There's someone in there complaining about how ungentlemanly men treat his/her 20 year old daughter. And then mentions in passing that the daughter hasn't got a centerfold body, so she's going to have to get that surgically fixed. I'm sitting here repeating to myself: "No one thinks like that, trolling is trolling."


You know, it didn't even work like that. The girl went away for a year, visiting an aunt or whatnot, and it generally wasn't discussed. So much for the deterrent effect.

Actually, overall, it's like the guy lives in a different reality. I know plenty of people who have married after having premarital sex!!11! Some even married the person they sexed premaritally! Where is this guy coming from that the only reason that men get married is that their teenaged girlfriend got knocked up and they had to, or that someone else's teenaged girlfriend got knocked up so they had to?

The guy's going to end up blaming feminist for the fact his Russian bride left him, I just know it.

ben wolfson

I think we know the model he's probably going to follow.

Doctor Memory

Ben: weirdly (and unbelievably-except-it's-true), du Toit is actually married. His wife also blogs.


If you want this kind of thing a) with an added dollop of crude Islamophobia and b) from one of Britain's leading novelists of the 1980s and Seriousest Thinkers, google the phrase "has feminism cost us europe?"

¡El Gato Negro!

The only way to change this would be to make promiscuity “costly” again, especially for females (the gatekeepers of sex).

The substitution of the word "females", for the more proper "women", is always such an easy tell. It's a bit like "Where's Waldo?", only less time-consuming, no?

belle waring

wow, dsquared, what an incredible fucking wanker amis is.

Dave M

The thing Ben linked to is wild. Apparently Vegas strippers (and/or "Hispanics") are *real* women.

As for the Gatekeepers of Sex, I like the Justice League idea.


For crying out loud. Are those people still alive? Only half of all first time brides in the United States were virgins back in 19-farking-20! If my father's stories of the Great Depression are to be believed no one could afford to have children, but they could sure afford latex condoms.

I guess when you start hitting 300 you get a whole different attitude towards sex.


What part of what Kim said is misogynist?

Or is he to be condemned because you don't like a commenter's words, answering a question Kim didn't even ask?

(Furthermore, I note no actual argument against happycynic's argument, by anyone.

He didn't say "birth control is a bad thing". He said it had some bad consequences, which he detailed, and that nobody's even tried to argue against.

The reason for which seems, from where I stand, because he's right even though you don't like it. Heck, I wish he wasn't right, myself.

But wishing that birth control hadn't radically changed the social dynamic won't modify the fact that it has - don't modern feminists still promote that change as a good thing?

Is the problem really only that his comment broke with feminist orthodoxy? And can it really be true that nobody has a better argument against it than "I don't like it"?)

The Modesto Kid

It's true -- no-one also made any actual argument against Mr. du Toit's thesis that the Western Male is becoming Pussified by means of tv shows making fun of him.

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