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March 19, 2008



Why read the corner? I mean really, why do it? It's almost certain you'll not learn anything and if anything "important" is said there others are bound to link to it anyway. I'm seriously asking here since it seems you read it fairly regularly.


Hey, if you think that it's just them, go to Slate sometime. Or Salon.

Timothy Burke

Other languages are silly! I enjoy much merriment from the existence of people who do not speak English!

belle waring

matt, if you want to read a blog where the proprietors don't read and mock the corner, y'all better find another blog.

Doctor Slack

"Derbyshire" does sound hilarious, actually.


Thankfully there is something other than corner mocking here, and the mocking is both fun and deserved. I only wonder why _you_ bother to read it. Isn't it usually just annoying and not even worth mocking?


Matt, mocking those who deserve it is both a civic duty and a frequent source of merriment.

Half of our troubles in the USA stem from the fact that people who should be mercilessly mocked are treated as Very Serious People.

The Modesto Kid

Half of our troubles in the USA stem from the fact that people who should be mercilessly mocked are treated as Very Serious People.

This is (a) worth remembering and (b) very nicely put. Thanks, Barry!


I'm not so sure this is the case--as much as I enjoy merciless mockery!

I grow pessimistic when I see, for example, the favorite targets of a Stewart or Colbert continue on, none the worse for wear, even appearing on their shows, often to their benefit!

Mockery sometimes over-humanizes (by which I mean: attributing moderate humanity where there is little) people who, if we treated them as Very Serious People, we might be more likely to Very Seriously condemn.

I think it's no accident that the preeminently mockable have thrived and vanquished in our era of Very Little Seriousness.

nick s

Real courage and real candor is Chris Rock standing on stage telling a packed black audience that seeing young black men on dark lonely night near the glow of an ATM can make him feel nervous, too

Just as Obama wrote in his first book, back in the mid-90s.

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