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March 15, 2008



Other stuff white people like:
Ironic self-deprecation that diffuses the critical power of anything.

I'm not kidding--I love that that blog. But it makes me sad while I laugh.

Kip Manley

I call foul; the T-shirt post gives the game away by referring to T-shirts that must be avoided because they are liked by "the wrong kind of white people."

So it isn't “stuff white people like”! It's stuff “some white people like”! The burning question: which some? Well? Well?


I motored over there and now I think I need to get into my organic cotton sheeted, recycled lumber bed, and pull the wool comforter over my head. Just as soon as I finish this cup of sustainable harvested coffee with cream from a cow I know on a first name basis.


Cinnamon rolls! Why hasn't Christian done a piece on cinnamon rolls?


It pretty clearly is the "stuff slightly aging ex-hipster white people who now make a pretty good living, but still want to think of themselves as hip like" blog. It does a good job on that, it seems, but not so much on anyone else.

Cardinal Fang

It's about class, rather than race. It describes stuff upper middle class people like.


Awesome post, Belle.

Adam Kotsko

Someone needs to get really mad about the site, so that we can have another productive conversation like at Unfogged.


If you're reading this blog, you don't have to ask who the wrong kind of white people are.


And if you understand the article in the link below, then you are clearly People Like Us.



Re. the PLU article: I know better than to read the Da Vinci Code; I thought that made me a snob, not declasse. And the first two lines of Hotel California?! Sadly, I've always ignored that overworked song as much as possible. No PLU for me!

The Constructivist

First time I've visited in a while only to find you already one-upped me. Well done!

SWPL is a parody of Boulder, right?


Yeah, well, I parked my Harley out front and pulled a smoke out of my pocket t-shirt. I had to finish it up before I came into this bar to have a Coors and some lunch. While I was outside I saw my old girlfriend who was walking her baby. I told her I liked her new tattoo. After I finish I have to get back to the jobsite and frame up the garage. I have this new nail-gun I'm looking forward to using.

What color do you think I am?

Lemmy Caution

What color do you think I am?


dave heasman

Well, Helen, you're not an Indian PLU. Perhaps the US equivalent is to have read "A Suitable Boy"? And to know the first two lines of some rubbish by REM or the Smiths? That'd get it.
I like the bit about you must give to charity and you must stay in India and try to make it work. That's admirable and one up on people like me.


Dave H,

Guilty and guilty.

ben wolfson

White people like it when John and Belle revert to their old habit of periodically changing the "John" and "Belle" icons.

The Modesto Kid

"intermittently" seems to work better than "periodically" -- and I don't think you can really say they ever discontinued this habit.

ben wolfson

It's been years and years since the last change, so I think I'm on pretty solid ground.

Doctor Slack

This post is brilliant.


I love this post.



Look at these!



Cinnamon rolls originated in Korea. That's a known fact.

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