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June 22, 2008


Jim Henley

The Waring one, she is wise.

belle waring

it would be more charitable of me to note that a) megan's argument is merely reminiscent of or rhyming with the 'UR chamberlin Lolol!!1!' one inasmuch as it does not directly advocate some new war and b) NATO is, in fact, an international institution. I think we can all agree, though, that our bombing of serbia is really not the greatest example of how the US and international institutions reinforce one another to the benefit of humanity.

belle waring

hi jim, this post is especially for you.

The Modesto Kid

Heh -- all you stupid liberals were looking at Iran, but Zimbabwe's where th' real action is...

Let's invade Macao!

Neil the Ethical Werewolf

I wonder if there's a Wheel of Invasion in the basement of the National Review building. Writers have to spin it and write a column proposing the invasion of whatever country comes up.


Well, that's possible. It totally throws of my alphabetic theory. But then again, Iraq-Iran-Burma-Zimbabwe doesn't make that much sense.

Upside, I can look forward to the firebombing of Lhasa

ben wolfson


The first National Review author to spell "Ibiza" or an anagram thereof gets a vacation there, maybe.

ben wolfson

Look for fomentation against Argentina shortly.

praiasegod barebones

I know it's easy to overlook, but your country did invade Afghanistan a while ago. I'd imagine that most of the NR authors weren't actually *against* that...

Or does it have to be a *stupid* place to invade. Just in case I won't be moving to Andorra for a while.


I think it has to be a stupid place to invade--or perhaps arbitrary.

Afghanistan had a logical justification, so I took it off the list.

So, watch out Andorra! San Marino! Vatican City! Vanuatu!

It's like Buck Turgidson got a hold of US foreign policy and can't let go....

The Modesto Kid

watch out Andorra! San Marino! Vatican City! Vanuatu!

Hey wait, they can't jump line in front of Grand Fenwick!

Cryptic Ned

Michael Ledeen doesn't want to actually invade Zimbabwe. He wants the US military to invade Zimbabwe on his behalf. Coward!


Ledeen is simply creating more work for his kids. His son is serving in the marines and his daughter worked for the "temporary government" post invasion of Iraq.

And don't worry about the cost of attacking Iran or Zimbabwe, it will pay for itself with oil revenues.

The best part is that in 3-4 years after the invasion of Iran, Ledeen will claim on his blog he never said he was for the invasion of any country, like he did with Iraq about 2 years ago. Wouldn't it be great if that con artist was blogging from prison where he belongs ?

Timothy Burke

I like Ledeen's "Once upon a time". See, normally when I read that, I think "a mystical, not-quite-real time when witches ate little kids in the forest and trolls were hiding under every bridge". Ledeen means, "That magical year 2003, when any invasion you wanted might actually happen".

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