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June 16, 2008


The Modesto Kid

Hm. I think your hypothetical is roughly as likely to come to pass as Kaus'.

The Modesto Kid


Uh, I mean Battiata's.


Look I laughed as much as anyone at the idea of POTUS presiding over a national sartorial convention, but... I actually can imagine it coming to pass that the required style for a self respecting afro-american will become Kanye double plus.

Thing is that's when dirty jeans and a dirty singlet will be the way that whitey indicates his inate superiority to the world (hey some kids already think Von Dutch is cool!)


It could happen. We all remember how white kids across the country started wearing cowboy hats and clearing brush in the middle of August when W was elected.

Otoh, perhaps Kaus is grabbing the wrong end of the stick here. Maybe once Obama wins the election he'll decide to let his freak flag fly and he'll show up at the Inauguration dressed like Bootsie Collins.

Gold Star for Robot Boy

Just Kaus being Kaus.

Jeff Fecke

I have to say, Jesse Taylor has the best snark ever: "Because we all know where black teenage males in the hood get their inspiration from - famous middle-aged people. I’ll never forget when I was a kid and everyone was in those Cosby sweaters...man, that was a hot ass summer."


Also, who exactly is Mary Battatia to be judging other people's fashion choices?


Maybe if Obama get's elected Mary will stop dressing like some cracker who just stepped out of the mosh pit at Hee-Haw . See, anyone can do it, Mary!

Q the Enchanter

"by writing this, will I seem like an enormous racist douche?"

Thing is, Kaus does use this test; it's just that he only hits "post" if the answer is affirmative.

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