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June 18, 2008


ben wolfson

Can I sub butter for the mayo even if I don't want to take them on picnics?

Delicious Pundit

The drinking's a must, really, if only to be faithful to the whole WASP experience. I went to the wedding of a college friend up in Kennebunk (of course) and they had four bars and one sad buffet table.

I would recommend a Pimm's Cup -- one of the few occasions where serving something with Sprite in it makes you seem classy. I just served Pimm's Cups at my daughter's birthday party (to the parents! I think) with great success. This time of year you can't go wrong with a South Side, either.

belle waring

yes, ben, they may in fact be better with butter, but I was giving it to you nannie style.

The Modesto Kid

Can I put ham and sliced tomatoes on them as well, and substitute seeded rye bread for the Pepperidge Farm?


Agreed. Cucumber sandwiches are delish.

Also, a Pimm's Cup does NOT contain sprite. It does, however, use cucumber.


that's not typical of all white people and you're saying that liberals are bad, i'm offended.

If I lived in America I would make Pimms' with Sprite; I can't think of any other widely available equivalent to the carbonated syrup that goes by the name "Lemonade" in my native land.


As dsquared says, in the UK we'd usually mix Pimms with what we call we call "Lemonade", which is not the same as American lemonade. (Plus a sprig of mint and slices of organge, apple, lemon and cucumber).

I'd say Pimms has something of an "upper class" reputation.


I make my Pimm's Cup with ginger ale and then add cucumber, lemon, and mint. This seems to approximate the taste of those I had in the UK.

Cucumber sandwiches with curry butter are excellent.

John  Emerson

Janet Parsons Wainwright, a close relation of Aunt Augusta (Lady Bracknell).

Paula Helm Murray

I love cucumber sandwiches. Mayo, butter or herb-seasoned cream cheese all make good spreads. And those little sandwich breads that they sell here (they are about 2 inches by 2 inches and they come in white sourdough, rye and whole wheat) are as perfect as the Pepperidge Farm Thin bread.

The thing I so do not get is: one of our local supermarkets that has an extensive 'ready-to-go' food selection has cucumber sandwiches.

I'm not sure what they're spread with but they looked rather tired and gooshy. I cannot imagine they'd taste very good.

If I wanted to have these at a picnic, I'd bring the fixings in the cooler and make them on the spot.


D2 is only saying that to undermine me, the fucking bastard.


But which bourbon?

The Modesto Kid

Henry the Fourth, of course.

belle waring

surprisingly for such an upper-crusty type (or perhaps not) Nannie was insanely cheap, and so she often drank old crow. to truly complete the experience one should also smoke a pack of true menthols.

Richard J

yes, Pimms with ginger ale is much more pleasant than with lemonade.

WARNING: From personal experience, Pimms is absurdly easy to get rat-arsed on without noticing[1].

[1] Heckling guest speakers at a college subject society dinner is one of the more embarrasing memories of my student years.


Yeah, I snuck a bottle of Pimms in under my gown during graduation. The memory of my friends and I passing it around, along with a bottle of fizzy something or other that one of them snuck in under *their* gown, isn't embarrassing at all.

And yep, we got rat-assed. As you people say.


Also delicious: a hearty cucumber sandwich made on good multi-grain bread with a filling of hummus, olive tapenade, thinly sliced cucumbers, and shredded carrots.

bill benzon

How about following those cucumber sammiches with some of these fractal cookies. (Hat tip to Cosma Shalizi.)

The Modesto Kid

Pastry in general seems pretty fractal to me. Break a cookie in half and look at the edge where it broke -- it will be infinitely self-similar.

The Modesto Kid

(Hence, "mandelbrot".)


Those Laughing Cow cheese triangles also sub for the butter or mayo. They have the a nice tang, and make the sandwich more substantial.

Also homegrown cukes are best.


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