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July 02, 2008



Great drawings. I'd like Greek heads, though.

What are PPT slides?

Jon h

Nice. Looks like a cel from a 50s/60s cartoon credits sequence for "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum"


More cartoon Plato than I probably want?

On the contrary, Prof. Holbo, the only thing I want more than Plato cartoons is random panels from Legion of Super Heroes!


I don't see any illustrations of Aristophanes's speech from the Symposium.

That's your next assignment.


Hi dad. PPT slides are powerpoint slides.

Thanks for all the kind words.

bill benzon

That's a really elegant piece of work, John.

I can see it now: The Illustrated Plato, The Illustrated Anselm, The Illustrated Descartes, The Illustrated Hume, The Illustrated Quine. . . And if you wipe all photos of yourself off the internets, you can bill yourself as the Unillustrated Illustrator. I suppose, alas, you'll also have to eliminate Zoe's renderings of you as well.

The Modesto Kid

They make a lovely slide show


six gross of Miasmaway, please. COD.

Adam Kotsko

Yeah, these are pretty great.


thank you kindly, Adam.

Julian Elson

I think it would be interesting to see some of the weird bits of the Phaedo illustrated. Y'know, the bits where he sounds like he's discussing some sort of Star Wars-inspired fantasy setting, and makes these claims about rivers running through the center of the Earth, undersea civilizations, etc.

I think the most interesting part of the Phaedo is where he attacks Anaxagoras, yet his presentations of Anaxagoras's views, in spite of being intended just to debunk him, still end up making Anaxagoras seem much more sensible than Plato. (i.e., psychophysical supervenience, the sun and the moon being bodies heated to incandescence by air friction, etc.)

rob helpy-chalk

Those are amazing. Can I use a few in my intro class?


Hi Rob, feel free to use them. (Then when my book comes out, you can assign it! Or not. Up to you.)

The Modesto Kid

You might be interested in Saramago's novel The Cave (2000), which depends heavily on Plato's allegory for its imagery and atmosphere, and which I understand to have a scene near the end which dramatizes the allegory. (Have not read that far yet.) My ongoing reading notes on it are here.


not sure, but maybe illustrating one of those chestnuts in the Republic where Plato and his palsies more or less agreee to offing the ahhhtistes, no


I love it. I made a cartoon you, but let's just say it lacked "philosophical depth". Hahah....

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