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October 16, 2008


Delicious Pundit

I have to be careful with the Pringles myself, lest my reality rub chaffingly against the constructed reality of my pants.

Also, wasn't Locke before Adam "The pious purpose of converting them to Christianity sanctified the injustice of the project" Smith?


Passive-agressive is better than active-agressive. So I applaud this reaction.

Glenn Fleishman

I didn't realize Obammy was a term used for Mr O. It's yet another code, of course: dimunitive, Obama + Sambo (Sammy) = Obammy. Race baiting code.

Yes, the damn Democrats, who cut the debt, eliminated the deficit, expanded the economy, shrunk the growth of government, kept their hands out of our pants (by keeping them in theirs), and so forth.


Dave Maier

"Chaffing" means "jesting, good-natured teasing", which makes that sentence even more delicious. Like Pringles!

And what do Randroids have against "Entourage" anyway?

David Moles

God, don't I wish these people would all slouch off to Galt's Gulch. (So long as they promise not to take over our radios and make us listen to their speeches first.)

Fifty bucks says CR is still living off his HELOC.


Our John Galts are screaming for the truth, aching from the cognitive dissonance when our reality and our common sense rub, chaffingly, against the constructed reality being foisted upon us by the forces that seek to undo us. McCain seeks to speak to our Galts, as they slowly awaken from their inter-election hibernation.

"Rub chaffingly", hmm? I think that was originally supposed to read "rub chafingly" because I don't think Chris From Toronto is playing this John Galt stuff for laffs, but merciful God, it's hard to be sure.

Matt McIrvin

I will simply adapt to the government’s tactics to take my money and give it to others.

I bet his plan involves noting the gold fringe on the flag in the courtroom.

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