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December 22, 2008


lemmy caution

I don't know why Yglesias went to CAP. The Atlantic looked more prestigious. I suspect he wants to get involved in making policy in some manner. Otherwise, why put up with this bullshit.

Gary Farber

It's entirely possible they're paying him more money. Plus, it's said to be a neat place to work, and there's lots of cool policy stuff going on all around you.

Gary Farber

And likely he didn't expect this sort of pissant bullshit crap.

lemmy caution

The more money angle makes sense.

Doctor Slack

Institutions are obligated to publicly defend other institutions that they're partnered with. It is hardly a shock to see Palmieri do so, and I don't understand how it impeaches Yglesias' credibility that they have done (as some commenters on his blog are claiming).There has probably been some sort of shit-storming behind the scenes to accompany this, but presumably Saiselgy is tough enough to withstand it; it's not like he's retracted his criticisms. Tempest and teapot.

belle waring

I agree I don't think it affects Matt's credibility, but it was ham-fisted execution.


MY's credibility is now completely destroyed, since he backhandedly declared that he approved of Palmieri's post ("we" in this post).

Then again, having your credibility destroyed has never been a problem for the right-wing side of the political spectrum, so it shouldn't be a problem for a weak-kneed centrist.

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