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January 14, 2009


The Modesto Kid

Perhaps even more remarkable, nearly every other female student in this deeply conservative community has returned as well

If I'm reading this correctly -- if the community is demonstrating solidarity with the girls who were attacked and against the attackers -- that is really good news. (Though balanced out of course by the horrible news of the attacks occurring.)


I just read at another blog someone complaining that people are making too big a deal out of Obama and his presidency. I think that blogger forgets that as recently as 50 (?) years ago, a Black man could be attacked for no reason, killed with no consequence for the killer, that his life was plainly and simply valued less than his white counterparts.

I hope that someday-- when these girls in your post are holding office and doing great things-- people don't say, "what's the big deal?" It is painful how quickly people can forget how life was and can be.

That little girl with burnt face and eyes must really be suffering inside. If she comes out of this without pure hatred and loss of faith in humanity, it will be a miracle.

David Moles

One suspects the acid-thrower's real motives are not exactly ideological.


The only way to overcome injustice is to fight it and these brave girls are doing just that by going to school. A pox on the Taliban. Whomever did this to this girl is a thug and deserves to be punished !

Julian Elson

Southwest Asia seems to be fertile ground for heroines. (Heroin too, but that's not the point.) Perhaps among these girls, there is another Shirin Ebadi or Mukhtaran Bibi: perhaps several. It is hard to imagine that such great spirits can be kept down for very long.

As for the acid thrower, it is difficult to imagine such cruelty.

Yet these two spectra of humanity -- the courage of these girls, the sadism of their assailent -- is perhaps what we are as a species. I see little of myself in those girls, and cannot imagine such courage in myself, and I see little of myself in their attacker, and cannot imagine such monstrosity in myself. Yet although it is tempting to say that their attacker was "inhuman," he was behaving in a precisely human -- exclusively human -- manner. Lynxes don't throw acid into girls faces. Oysters don't. Lobsters don't.

Sorry for the ramble. I don't know what I'm talking about, but reading this story I felt the need to write something.

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