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January 12, 2009


Kathy Shaidle

Just so we're clear:

This reader reported on anti-semitic remarks made my Muslims he's met, the same day I posted about 5000 Muslims in downtown Toronto chanting "death to Jews" but...

You're mad about the word "muzzies"??

Yep, you're a liberal all right. I can tell by your keen sense of proportion and your reliably misdirected moral outrage.


What makes it even better is how Shaidle starts off recommending Steyn's book about how awful Canada is becoming because people aren't willing to just sit back and let people spew hatred, and then goes on to approvingly quote the unnamed reader.

I'd have to look hard to find a better current example of the Paranoid Style.

Personally, as an American Jew, I'd rather not have crazy assholes going around taunting other crazy assholes in my name.


Steyn doesn't feel comfortable any more in Canada, so I guess that is a plus for Canada.


You still hold us responsible for Steyn when he spends so much of his time denouncing what a horrible country Canada is? I don't think that's fair.


"Personally, as an American Jew, I'd rather not have crazy assholes going around taunting other crazy assholes in my name."

I'd say that's a wise policy.

This thing with Muzzies reminds me of the scene in Mean Girls where the girl snipes at the other girl that her pet word is never going to catch on. Well, let's hope its like that scene. As creep as it is for someone to invent their own slur, there's also something funny about a person going around trying to give the slur legs. Unfortunately, I think 'muzzies' is too cute and sounds too much like 'fuzzies' to really take off.

I can imagine an adorable cockapoo somewhere named Muzzie.

Cryptic ned

There's nothing more adorable than a Muzzy.

The Modesto Kid

Well the babies, sure -- but those things grow! They eat more and more, get bigger and bigger, start spewing hatred against the Jews, and there's nothing for it but to flush them down the toilet -- there are whole colonies of giant albino Muzzies in the sewers of NYC. All because of irresponsible people who think there's nothing more adorable than a Muzzy.


My kids studied French with the Muzzy seen above.
Also, FWIW my only other exposure to the term is as a self-identifier for Australian Muslims (Aussie Muzzies), though I don't think it has gained great currency. Which may be because a person using the term sounds like an infant.


As a yahoody I find no added value in using terms like "muzzy". I would be happy to be a heeby but I don't want to ruin "heebie-jeebie" the way "gay" has been ruined. Yahoody is good because it smells of Brooklyn. "Whaddaya, yahoody?" Also already correct in Arabic and Parsi!


Calling people "muzzies" sounds like it might be rude and insensitive. But that doesn't make it racist.

I wouldn't use the word myself. But not everything that is bad is racist. And not everything that is hateful is racist.

Remember the Hatfields and the McCoys?

The Modesto Kid

I'd say it's pretty near certain that the Hatfields and the McCoys were racists given that they lived in West Virginia and Kentucky in the late 1800's -- but how is that relevant here?

The Modesto Kid

Pretty awesome picture of the Hatfields here.


"Muzzies" is Australian.

Doctor Slack

Kathy Shaidle was, at one time, a finalist for Governor General's Award in Poetry. It's sad that she'll likely be better remembered for her shitty wingnut (and more-or-less openly racist) blogging.


Doctor Slack,

Her current attitude seems especially inconsistent with her Catholicism, which had been a central feature of her poetry. Not to say that Catholics can't be bigots, of course, but in my experience those who have tried to apply faith to their life and observations aren't rampantly hateful.

Incidentally, I do think it is good to tell people who spew hate -- whether they are Muslims speaking of Jews, or Kathy Shaidle's bravely anonymous correspondent speaking of Muslims -- that you disapprove of their views. This is a far cry from fostering paranoia ("the goal is to leave them thinking that the enemy is everywhere"), which sentiment already is rampant among hatemongers of all stripes.

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