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March 31, 2009



“Is it fair? Is this called justice?”

It's not fair, because not everyone is being punished. It is called justice when you get what you deserve.


Wasn't the justice-vs-fairness thing one of Sidney Morgenbesser's famous jokes?

Also, I think Francois Bizot wrote a book about Duch, although I've only read the op-ed.


“Maybe there are certain points at which he has a bit of trouble admitting certain things. But maybe you as well have trouble admitting certain things.”

I actually had to check that wasn't from the Onion.


When I read you ask about The Kindly Ones, I thought at first you were referring to the penultimate story arc in Gaiman's Sandman, and I was going to say I thought it was pretty good.

But clicking through I see that you're talking through something else entirely.




Reviewers in the US have hated the book. In the UK, the reviewers are much more mixed (often in a single review). They think that the Nazi strand of the story is gripping, thoughtful and provocative, but that the familial bits (which are apparently very pornographic) ruins it.

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