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May 01, 2009



So why is Grimace making a guest appearance? :)


Because I was trying to draw Rousseau?

(Unless you think Zoë's girl looks like Grimace.)


Because I was trying to draw Rousseau?

Ohhhhhhkay. I get it now. I thought maybe Owl borrowed a faux statue from the McDonaldsLand playpen area for the sake of winging it at some as-yet-unannounced foe.


By the way, insofar as each of them are developing personality characteristics, are there any persons/figures/philosophies you are modeling Squid and Owl after? (Panel #30 is my current favorite, though Owl's facial expression in #27 is priceless and will henceforth show up in the dictionaries under "mournful curiosity".)


They have VERY slightly different philosophies. This will become a subject of upcoming installments.

Thank you kindly for the kind words.

It wasn't really supposed to look like Rousseau, although I toyed with trying to achieve a resemblance, so the final version may bear some vestige of that figment. But that would have committed Owl to a Rousseauian philosophy that, frankly, he does not fully espouse.

But it wasn't really supposed to look like Grimace either.

Think of it as Everybust.


"But that would have committed Owl to a Rousseauian philosophy that, frankly, he does not fully espouse."

Ah. So, Owl on Rousseau: "I don't reject him, I just traject him."

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