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May 21, 2009


Chris Ashley

I do love that guitar.

I was looking forward to Squid finally reaching the lamasery. Or hearing our heroes justify their assassinations. But I'll totally take that guitar. Or Owl's tie.


Hey Chris, thanks for commenting.

In narrative terms I take a pretty strict 'frustration is pleasure' line, a proposition subject to doubt. But without my puritanical refusals, we would never have seen Owl's tie, eh? We'd be trapped in Tibet somewhere? Or on the moon? Then where would we be?

In all seriousness, the ultimate plan for the book is that the human desire for narrative shall be satisfied by a series of Just Not So Stories - of which we have seen the first. These stories will be alternated with the one panel scenes.

Bill Benzon

I like the recursive nature of the Owl's demonstration, especially the visual parallelism between that demonstration and the neck of S's guitar.

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