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May 28, 2009


The Modesto Kid

"Mink vs. Skink" is a promising title for a comic book... Nice that owl is peeking at the rodents book, squid at the sea creatures book.

I saw Monsters vs. Aliens a few short weeks ago and find that I already have practically no memory of the plot. Imagery was fun though -- I laughed out loud at the "Vertigo" reference in the chase scene. Imagery of Modesto was pretty lame in that there are plenty of shots you could use to establish something is occurring in Modesto (including some which are references to "American Grafitti"), and the film used none of them. So "Modesto" was just a name, not a place.


This is my favorite Squid and Owl page so far.

The Modesto Kid

I don't think I quite got that the black thing is a sofa, the first time I looked at this. It's a nice squishy shape for a sofa; but it's hard to think of the two readers as seated, especially the orange one.


Yeah, the sofa. True story: it started out as just a black squishy biomorphic shape. Then it sorta looked like a sofa, so I tweaked it a bit. But maybe I should have kept tweaking.

The Modesto Kid

The headless orange reader looks more like he's leaning against a lamppost or something. (Maybe the amber tone of the background contributes to that impression.) Ms. Green, she is definitely sitting down.

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