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June 18, 2009


Bill Benzon

Yeah Mei Mei!

Do they sell miniature spandex body stockings in Singapore?

e julius drivingstorm

Flatout adorable Mei Mei. I listened to every track. Then I made it through part 1 of the youtube. It's easy to see that mommy and daddy got their acumen from their children. Hope Zoe's feeling better.


She does sing wonderfully, you are right.

Bill Benzon

Oh, I believe it's "Fweedom Beef".

dominic murphy

"it's not that we don't feed her, she's just small"

A friend of mine, with her little girl, was in a supermarket in Pasadena once when a total stranger came up to her and said "Oh, your daughter is very small. Do you feed her?"

I find I don't miss California at all. We live in Sydney now, where years of British imperialism has produced a population who know how to mind their own damn business.

Anyway, wonderful singing.

Wax Banks

Am I only going to bring unhappiness into my life if I ask what in god's name is 'Freedom Beef'?

This collection is my new workout playlist of course.

Bill Benzon

"Freedom" may be the legit spelling, Wax, but it doesn't correspond to the Mei Mei pronunciation. As for what it actually is, I've not watched the cartoon.

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