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August 30, 2010



Zoe turned to me with perfect seriousness and said, "have you read Kirby's 'The Demon'"?

Zoe is awesome. I first stumbled upon an issue of that by accident when I was like 14 and didn't know what to make of it; it took a while before I properly grew to love the Kirby.

Belle Waring

Yeah, but part of the reason you didn't is that the Demon is kind of...well, I've realized it's not appropriate to call things "retarded" in a negative way, so let's just say it's a special needs comic. Oh shit, that was worse, right? OK, if the intellectual content and overall coherence of The Demon got in a fight with Ke$ha's "Tik-Tok" video, the Demon would win, but there would be, like, some tense moments.

Richard J

What a startlingly impractical website. Five layers down to find out where they are?

Maybe I've just been stunned into submission by living in London for a decade, but the prices (bar alcoholic drinks) when I was in Singapore earlier this year didn't seem unreasonable, outliers like Raffles' brunch aside.

lemmy caution

My kids have converted me to liking Ke$ha's "Tik-Tok". It is a good pop song. The use of autotune on that song is pretty clever too. It isn't just used to make her sound like a better singer like boatloads of faceless disney pop does. Ke$ha's voice remains flat and bratty with the autotune as separately identifiable shimmer.

Apparently, her favorite album is "nashville skyline":



Kirby Krackle is a candy bar that, when you eat it, enables you to inhale threatening creatures? Or it inhales you, maybe.

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