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November 23, 2010


Cosma Shalizi

Little orange piles of noodley things?

How can anyone not like jalebi?!?

But the thing about garam masala in desserts is very true. My mother also used to put it in bolognese sauce, though she tweaked the spice mixture for that in a way I don't recall.


Meh. I'm in India, and I have a long list of people who I know are more than happy to get the boxes of sweets I'm bringing them b/c they eat them up when other people bring to us. Many of them are not even brown. I pretty much expressed my feelings on this genre over here.

I love Jalebi, but it is very sweet, and I can no longer eat gobs and gobs of it.

ben w

Actually, the usual answer to why anything is so good is usually the incredible amount of butter.

This looks pretty incredible.

Gene O'Grady

Only partly related, but the first time the 49ers won the Super Bowl my wife was working in a now dead company (Syntex, if anyone knows it) with a lot of Indian colleagues. One Indian couple decided to host a Super Bowl party complete with Indian buffet (including chicked dishes that they wouldn't have eaten themselves). Best multicultural experience ever.


i'm imagining jalebis soaked in some warm milk..think i'm goin' for a recipe right now!

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